Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween, everyone. I have the Halloween lights, lighted pumpkin and candy ready for any trick-or-treaters that might show up. I think I'll give out handfuls of candy just so there won't be any left in the house. I'm not crazy about having so much sugar around. I've been thinking about when I use to make my kids there costumes and how excited we all use to get. The picture you see above is of my two older ones back in the 80's when Yoda was popular and there was an Ernie wearing pajamas. I made the clown outfit and boy did I have a time making that wig.My son still has that Ernie and is in a safe place in his room. Yesterday, I was sent to another school to sub for a server who didn't show up and I hated that school. The lights were dim, the lay out was weird and none of the workers were talking to one another. I was actually bored without Crazy and Slacker around. LOL! The school serves 300 kids and the one I work in serves 550. One of the entrees was Popcorn Chicken and oh my gosh most of those kids wanted double servings. You teachers out there, be nice to your cafeteria workers .Yesterday I was talking to a worker at the school where I subed and she said she worked there because her husband had passed away and she had to provide insurance for her son who was 21 and already an amputee due to diabetes. She liked the fact that she was able to get out early and go check on him. Made me count my blessings that's for sure. I will now go sit and watch all of the Halloween movies.

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