Sunday, September 03, 2006

Backing Finished

I was able to finish the backing for the Folk Art Star quilt top. It took a lot longer than I thought since I had to add to the width and length. I used another color flannel and am very happy with the results. Couldn't get another backing done due to it just getting too hot in the sewing room for me even with central air. I just realized I still have to draw the quilt design on the star top. Darn! Oh well, I'm just going 1/2 inch around every piece. My son Chris had a very busy week at his school. Got me tired just thinking about all he mentioned in his email. I guess it'll be non-stop work for the next two years for him. He seems very happy. In the picture he is with a team mate at a Flag ceremony. My 18 year old said,"Mom you know those long emails will stop once he starts meeting people and going out, right." Yes, I know kid. Well, Firday at the cafeteria wasn't bad at all. I actually had enough strength to want to go out somewhere. Slacker girl almost cried after having to scrub 125 potatoes that were to be baked, and then sat down for a break afterwards. I over heard her ask the manager if I could do some of it but the manager told her she had me busy doing something else. I made 245 salads for the kids then served tacos, chicken tetrazinni(sp?), and the baked potatoes. Big deal, you do what you gotta do. When I saw her sitting down I felt like throwing her one of the potatoes, but off course didn't. I tell you some of these young people don't want to work. They want money without earning it.

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