Thursday, August 03, 2006

Temple Flowers Quilt Started

I have started the Temple Flowers quilt with my rose fabric scraps and I think it will make a cute crib size quilt. It should be about 52x52 when finished. I have to say I'm not crazy about cutting so many strips over and over again, that's why I don't make log cabins. Although, after seeing Jeanne's, I am very tempted. I suppose I could make them with wider strips so I won't get bored while cutting. It sure has been so hot here in Texas my two Chi's have decided to sleep in the living room instead of the kitchen. This is the first time ever in the six years since we've had them that they have done that. My 18 year old wondered, out loud, if it could be that they are having hot flashes like me. Maybe. I can really feel miserable with the heat, even with central air it's not cool enough for me. When I was a kid and living in South Texas we had no air conditioning and remember my poor mom sweating buckets every summer.

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