Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Old Manager Out

Well, the Cafeteria District Supervisor got rid of the Manager that started the year and replaced her with a nice lady, but I just realized there won't be any jello for my fruit plates this morning. The girl who made the jello yesterday used all the jello. I noticed those jello trades were really loaded yesterday. That's the reason for no left overs for my fruit plates, and I need to make 60. Things got so distracted with meeting the new Manager and the Supervisor being there and all. Oh well. I hope the watermelon and oranges are cut up this morning also. I go in at 8:30 in the morning and all that stuff has to be prepared by someone else ready for me to use. The drama queen did cry yesterday because she had to make lot's and lot's of instant mash potatoe in because she isn't use to it and didn't know if her having to do it was going to work out. All this in front of the supervisor. I have a feeling she won't last too long. I was going to cut the backing for my Folk Star quilt top, but the top turned out to be wider than the double wide flannel I'm using as the backing. I had to run to the store and they were out, so I will have to wait for Friday to go look at other stores. I hate it when that happens. I would use a cotton, but the son I'm giving the quilt to, likes all his quilts with flannel, like Grandma use to make.

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