Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Piecing

I finished piecing the sashing to all the ring blocks today so tomorrow I will add the horizontal sashing. I got so angry with myself because I didn't buy enough fabric for the borders, just two more strips needed. I will go hunt more of the same sashing fabric tomorrow. Hope I can find it. I guess I wasn't thinking when I bought it. This quilt will be for which ever of my boys gets married first, even if it does have quite a bit of pink pieces in it. Oh, well. I will soon post a picture of the whole top. This will be the third top I finish this year, I am so happy. I will work on my rose quilt top after this one.


quiltpixie said...

If you can't find the fabric -- improvise! I'm sure there's something that would "go with" the rest of the top, but isn't in the top that could act as an accent.... or only border two sides, that might be intersting... no point in beating yourself up I'm sure you can find a creative solution if necessary. And hopefully they'll just have the fabric waiting on bolt for you when you look and you wont have to be creative! :-)

Linda_J said...

Almost a finish then! Hope you find what you were looking for or as pixie said, an acceptable or perhaps more interesting alternative. Are you planning on machine quilting it?

Hope your heart as quit doing the "mambo"

Esteemarlu said...

Yes, my heart is much better now that I know it's the hormone.I'll be seeing a Gyne Monday. I plan on hand quilting this quilt. I've worked so hard on it and it's waited patiently so I think it deserves to be hand quilted. All of the rings are hand appliqued and some are even hand pieced.