Monday, July 03, 2006

I Use To Make

I have been going through my project scrapbook and feel like I've done it all in the sewing world. About nine years ago, I use to make Inner Child dolls with a friend. These dolls were about three feet high. We bought special clothes and wigs for them, and we always worked from a person's picture. It was unbelievable how many dolls we made. We even made George and Barbra Bush. Those dolls had so much detail to them. My friend moved to another state and I got burned out. I made one for my son's elementary school nurse, who was always so good to my boys when they weren't feeling well. She was so surprised when she I gave it to her, and every time I run into her she says her doll still sits in a special chair in her living room. ****************** 1. A good sister-in-law. 2. Rain for my plants. 3. The birds that come up to my patio. 4. The freedom to come and go as I please.


bluerain said...

Hello, I was editing my blog today and found your comment. I am so sorry I missed it previously...
I've just finished an 'Agatha Christie' mystery on tape. When alone, I like to do this when I'm sewing...What are you 'reading' now?
I like your heart quilt!

Esteemarlu said...

Thanks for stopping by bluerain,the heart quilt is still just a top which will be a baby quilt. I haven't decide on the borders yet.

samantha said...

That doll is amazing, and, welcome to the stashquilts ring!