Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sewing Area

This is my sewing area. It's a guestroom/sewing room. I really need to get another table. I'm afraid one of the ones I have in the opposite side of my sewing machine will collapse at any moment with all the quilting books and jewelry supplies I have on it. I turned a walk in closet into a fabric closet and there still wasn't enough room for all my fabric. What you see here is just a drop in the bucket. I still have another cabinet and chest full in the laundry room and thank goodness that's a big room, and that's not counting the bag fulls I have in another closet.

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Marcie said...

Finally, a sewing room I can identify with! You visited my blog and left a comment that I just found. The toile quilt is from a magazine a couple years ago. I will have to look for it. In the meantime, I will isolate the block on my site for you. I watched the "sunscreen" video on your site. I love it! You are way more technical than I am. Keep it up!